Strategic Plan to Grow Alabama's Agriculture, Agribusiness, Forestry, and Forest Products Industries 2015–2020

Governor Robert Bentley, in March 2013, expressed his support for Alabama's largest economic sector — agriculture, agribusiness, forestry, and forest products — as he announced results of a comprehensive economic impact study that reveals the four interrelated industries generated $70.4 billion a year for Alabama's economy and employed nearly 600,000 Alabamians.

On the heels of this study, the next logical sequence is to determine what steps must be taken to continue to grow this economic sector. Pursuant to this, Governor Bentley authorized Commissioner John McMillan to begin the process of formulating a Strategic Plan for building the long-range profitability and expansion of agriculture, agribusiness, forestry, and forest products

Commissioner McMillan brought together representatives from Alabama's major stakeholder groups as well as Auburn University's College of Agriculture, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System as a steering committee. On July 14, 2014, more than 100 leading farmers, foresters, agribusiness owners, educators, and government officials met in the Alabama State Capitol for a day long conference.


Following the presentations, stakeholder groups met to identify their recommendations for the Strategic Plan based on the following criteria.


  1. Identify five measurable production/processing/marketing goals for your commodity that will contribute to Alabama's economy and employment
  2. Develop an implementation strategy to remove barriers to your success and foster success.
  3. Identify specific public policy and regulatory changes (local–state level) necessary to allow your segment of Alabama's agriculture and forestry industry to achieve your goals.
  4. Identify the research and Extension issues you need addressed to achieve your goals
  5. Identify the communications needs you have from state agencies, commodity groups, agricultural and forestry advocacy groups, and land grant universities (Alabama A&M, Auburn, and Tuskegee Universities) to allow you to achieve your goals.

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